Dr. Matthew S. Wright



Dr. Matthew Wright grew up around the first Millard Veterinary Clinic which was originally opened by his father, Dr. Steven Wright. This time from early childhood on immersed in the clinic setting affirmed his decision to become a veterinarian. Working around the office in all different roles from kennel help to veterinary assistant with Dr. Steve and his associate Dr. Dave Reitz gave him a very good background through his high school years. Dr. Matt then went on to Kansas State University for his undergraduate studies, a degree in Animal Sciences in the College of Agriculture and even walked on for the K-State Wildcats Football Team. He then went on to attend veterinary school at Kansas State University and graduated with his DVM in 2001. Upon graduation, he returned to work at the Millard Veterinary Clinic until 2004 when his entrepreneurial spirit took him West and he opened the Millard West Veterinary Clinic. In an untimely event in 2007 his father, Dr. Steve, had an aneurysm and passed away at 59 years of age. After this tragic event, Dr. Matt began the process of managing both his own office, Millard West, as well as the Millard location, incorporating in 2014 to become Millard Veterinary Clinics, PC. Then in 2016, Dr. Matt opened the third location further West named the Elkhorn South Veterinary Clinic. He takes pride in having had a “family business” since 1974 that has grown with the changes and development in the Millard and Elkhorn areas while maintaining it’s “family values”. In addition to enjoying general companion animal practice and business building through truly getting to know his clients, he has a particular interest in dermatology, ultrasound and both soft tissue and orthopedic surgery. He married his best friend, Laura, in 1999 and they were blessed with two lovely daughters, Lauren and Madison, as well as a Miniature Pinscher named Nason. His best days away from the office are spent with all 3 of his “girls”. He has a few hobbies but truly enjoys boating, flying and riding his Harley. Lastly, as one would expect from a native Nebraskan, he also is a fan of Nebraska Football… Go Huskers!